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Sports are a great way to improve your physical and mental health. To progress in your achievements, you need to exercise it not only regularly, but also in a controlled manner. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s impossible to pay for the services of a personal coach or to find a fellow runner who is just as enthusiastic. But almost everyone can get a personal assistant, who will track your results for free. Of course, they won’t make you an athlete who gets to the top of the ratings by the best online bookmaker in India, but they will help you get healthier and more energized. Just download running apps on your smartphone or smart watch. Let’s find out which ones are the most effective.

A convenient service with a clear interface, where both the most basic options and more advanced ones are available. The app, when properly configured, will record your current performance while running: heart rate, running speed, distance traveled and energy expended. You have the option to choose your activity: from walking to running to swimming.

RunKeeper can also partially replace a personal trainer. By configuring the appropriate option you will get comments and advice on the correct movement according to the chosen type of activity.

If you run to music, you’ve probably thought more than once that the beat of your playlist doesn’t quite match your running pace. You no longer have to switch songs or change your running speed just to run to your music. With this app, you will run comfortably. It gives you access to a large collection of songs and listens to your heart rate. Find your favorite mix of jogging music and run at your own pace.

Nike Run Club
The creators of the app for running really know a lot about quality sports training. By installing it, you can exercise on your own, thanks to the built-in programs that have been developed by professional athletic trainers, as well as in company. The app has a competition option between runners. You’ll never go off course. In the settings, there is an audio notification regarding current sport parameters (speed, pace, distance, calories burned, etc.). It will tell you your results after every kilometer you walk. The virtual coach will also analyze the previous day and set the current goal.

Vi Trainer
This app allows you to set up your workout according to your current goals without the help of anyone else. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, improve your running skills or just maintain the fitness you have now. Just set a goal and the app will suggest training programs based on your anthropometry.

This app will find its fans among sports fans who don’t mind talking about their hobby. Strava is a kind of social network for fans of running. There you can talk about your results, ask questions and share your sport experience. The app also has basic settings, like heart rate, distance, energy expenditures and even the route covered, which you will be able to see on a virtual map.

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